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Stand up to blazing heat, low surface energy, and all types of solvents with reliable pressure-sensitive engine labels.

LINTEC Automotive engine labels are carefully crafted to survive the rigors of the engine compartment. Vinyl, stabilized PVC, and polyester label backings all feature exceptional resistance to solvents and heat. When paired with the proper adhesive layer, they’ll remain adhered to low-surface-energy thermoplastics and even rough or contaminated surfaces.

Exceptionally long-lasting in the most challenging environments.

Critical auto data labels and caution stickers must last the life of the vehicle without fading or peeling. This is a tall order under the hood, where rapid fluctuations in temperature and harsh chemicals like gas, motor oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, battery acid, road salt, and grime are gumming up the works.

We use aggressive, tackified adhesives to combat adhesive-repellant plastics and conform to textured or curved surfaces. Whether your adhesive project involves a plastic engine cover, powder-coated metal, or insulating foam, our labels can be outfitted to hold firm. These thermally-stable adhesives will perform wet or dry for many years at temperatures typical of hot engines in boiling summer weather.

Our portfolio of engine label backings and adhesives can be custom-suited to almost any need, such as:

  • Intense engine heat and deep winter freezes
  • Outgassing from hot thermoplastics
  • Rough textures
  • Extreme curvature
  • Flexible surfaces or foam insulation (on pipes and tubes)
  • Materials with poor wet-out properties (urethane, PVC, composites)
  • Areas that amass dirt, grime, and contamination
  • Splashing water from rain and wet roads
  • Harsh UV exposure
  • Unique specs or stringent custom standards

Don’t put your reputation on the line with standard pressure-sensitive automotive labels. LINTEC Automotive provides a full line of engine labels that will outlast the components themselves.

Since 1934, LINTEC has been a leader in the adhesive field with a reputation for innovation, service, and sustainability. You can count on LINTEC Automotive for superior quality and affordable solutions to all of your automotive film needs.

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