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Automotive Tapes, Adhesives,
& Films for OEMs

10 Reasons OEMs Prefer
LINTEC Automotive Adhesives

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Protect Your Brand

Your reputation is built on quality and consistency. Our first priority is always to deliver the protective films, durable labels, and innovative tapes that will make your brand proud. Select LINTEC Automotive products to finish your automotive parts right. We supply OEMs with a wide portfolio of top-quality, cutting-edge adhesives including:

  • Paint Protection Films
  • Paint Replacement Films
  • Automotive Marking Films
  • Aluminum Protection
  • Wheel Films
  • Rim Protection Films
  • Double-Sided Automotive Tapes
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
  • Anti-Vibration Tapes
  • Anti-Chipping Films
  • Car Floor Liners
  • Automotive Window Adhesives
  • Vehicle Emblem Adhesives
  • Engine Bay Tape & Labels
  • Wire Harness Tapes
  • Blackout Tape
  • Dashboard Labels
  • Mounting Trim

Contact us for additional information about our trusted automotive adhesive products or to consult on unique solutions that meet custom OEM specifications.

A One-Stop Solution For Automotive Adhesives

You need automotive adhesives, and we’ve got your back. LINTEC Automotive maintains a vast collection of cutting-edge polymers, adhesives, and equipment that we use to craft custom products at competitive price points—all while suiting the highly specific needs of unique OEM projects. 

We create films and adhesives for nearly any application, including:

  • Invisible Paint Protection
  • Low Surface Energy Substrates
  • Paint Replacement on Door Pillars & Sashes
  • Trim and Emblem Mounting
  • Temporary Shipping Protection
  • Body Marking & Stripe Tape
  • Data Labels
  • Vibration Dampening
  • Securing the Wire Harness
  • Heat-Resistant Engine Bay Adhesives
  • Double-Sided Bonding Tapes
  • Anti-Chipping Protection
  • Moisture Sealing
  • Window Blackout Frames
  • And more.

Get started by requesting a quote today.

Product R&D

R&D Opportunities

Come to us with your ideas, your questions, and your design problems, and we’ll be happy to consult with you on R&D opportunities for an automotive adhesive solution. Once we’ve got the details, we’ll take a look into the ways our products can offer you what you need at a price point that makes sense.

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